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(Valid)action of non-formal and informal learning in Europe - A snapshot 2007

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Como está a validação de saberes na Europa.



Cedefop has been working on validation of non-formal and informal learning since the early 1990s. At that time validation was a theme addressed by very few countries and considered to be of limited interest. Since then, interest hás grown rapidly and validation is now high on the policy agenda in almost all European countries.

This change is closely related to the increasing importance of lifelong learning. The combination of a rapidly changing labour market, an ageing population and intensified global competition makes it necessary to use all available knowledge, skills and competences – irrespective of where and how they have been acquired. The interest in validation can be seen as closely linked to efforts to create more flexible qualifications systems – making it possible for individuals to build learning careers stretching ‘from cradle to grave’.

This report provides a brief introduction to and update of European developments in this important subject. Building on the extensive 2007 update of the European inventory on validation of non-formal and informal learning, the report captures some of the main trends in this field and outlines the main challenges facing us in validating non-formal and informal learning in the coming years.









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