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The Portuguesse Nonprofit Sector in comparative perspective

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The Portuguesse Nonprofit Sector in comparative perspective Raquel Campos Franco S.Wojciech Sokolowski Eileen M. H. Hairel Lester M. Salamon Edição: Universidade Católica / Johns Hopkins University

This important research project is the result of the combined and tireless efforts of researchers, data compilers, and analysts over two years, to understand the history, dimensions, and influence of the nonprofit sector (NPS) in Portugal. The project emerged through the combined vision and funding provided by four leading Portuguese foundations, which understood that the contribution of this vast sector to the social, economic, and political development of Portugal was largely unknown, and its potential greatly undervalued. The constructive forces of a vibrant nonprofit sector are essential to the balanced development of modern societies. This study will finally bring these forces to light, to be understood, fairly valued, and to be nurtured and reinforced for greater societal benefits than ever before.










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