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Growing Regions, growing Europe - Fourth Report on Economic and Social Cohesion

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Quarto relatório sobre economia social, da Comissão europeia, de maio de 2007.


iSummary and conclusions
The added value of cohesion policy
Situation and trends in economic, social and territorial disparities
The reform of Cohesion Policy — 2007–2013
New Challenges
Next steps

Chapter 1 - Economic, social and territorial situation and trends in Member States and regions of the EU-27
Economic, social and territorial cohesion
Factors determining regional competitiveness, growth and employment

Chapter 2 - The impact of cohesion policy
Evolution of priorities during the period 2000–2006
Impact analysis - the value of cohesion policy
The reform and new challenges for 2007–2013

Chapter 3 - National Policies and Cohesion
Investment in the growth and jobs strategy: the role of national policies
Public investment and cohesion policy
Strengthening the supply side of the economy and ensuring economic stability

Chapter 4 - Community policies and Cohesion
EU R&D and innovation policies and cohesion: impact and synergies
Complementarity between state aid and cohesion policy
Agricultural policy and rural development
Policies contributing to more and better jobs
The EU budget

Main regional indicators
List of maps
List of fi gures
List of tables




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